Top 5 Reasons Why The MacBook Is So Expensive

Most consumers believe the MacBook is overpriced. It is true that there are laptops on the market for half the cost of the cheapest MacBook. And yes, there are laptops with better specs than the MacBook Pro. But Apple started using Intel CPU’s, and prices have dropped. And the MacOS development has created an immersive user interface that is simple on the surface. So why do people still think the MacBook is so expensive? Here are 5 reasons that MacBook owners will often use to justify the price point of the popular laptop.

1.Build Quality

There are a lot of nice ways to customize and personalize any device, but Apple’s stock build design of the MacBook sets the standard for the look and feel of a premium laptop. Although the design has changed slightly over recent years, they’ve still managed to stay ahead of the pack as far as stock design.

2. Ease-of-Use

Apple prides itself on providing user-friendly, straight-forward products. Recent Surveys have shown that Apple’s growth in the business sector can be attributed mainly to its user-friendly interface design. User’s and IT admins alike are welcoming the change stating that Apple products are “just as easy or easier” to use than PC’s. And the fact that Apple has world-class support for all of their products, troubleshooting is almost always a breeze.

3. Longevity

MacBooks are known to hold value longer than PC’s but why? The quality of the hardware and software in a MacBook has been engineered users can update their OS and experience the latest software offerings. Apple’s constant updates to MacOS keeps the user-interface fresh. Some users keep using their MacBook for up to 10 Years.

4.More Secure*
A core topic of the Mac vs Windows debate is security. Most Windows-based machines are used for working with financial and other sensitive business-related data. Mac machines focus on personal use and creating content. Because of the different focuses, hackers concentrate on hacking Windows machines more than Macs. But this is starting to change as malware attackers are beginning to recycle old tricks and develop more advanced ways to target Mac users. We will have to see how Apple counter-acts the new challenges in security it may face.

5.iPhone Intergration

Apple’s iPhone has definitely set the standard mobile devices go. With many iPhone features available on the MacBook and iPad, the amount of iPhone owners using Windows is dropping. And because of the steady growth in sales, MacOS developers have made Continuity a main focus because they work so well together.

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